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Dehydrated Baby

by Susan Schubert, Brodheadsville, Pennsylvania

My second child, Chase, was born in a birthing center, three years after his sister. I went home five hours later.

He was a sleepy baby but I knew to wake him to feed, through my previous experience and from La Leche League meetings.

I knew something was not right, because he wasn’t wetting six diapers a day like he should, and there were uric acid crystals in his urine. My milk wasn’t coming in like it did with his sister Emma either. Soon, my son’s skin began to look pinched and wrinkled. I realized he was dehydrating, and I had to do something.

I kept nursing, pumped, and using an eyedropper, fed my colostrum when he wouldn’t suck. I called the birth center and they advised me to keep nursing and give an ounce of water, which I did.

I needed to do this for about four days until he seemed to wake up and nurse for longer periods without falling asleep at my breast.

He continued to nurse for 1 1/2 years.


Floppy Boy

by Catherine Young

When Zak was almost a year old, he caught something gross, probably from a hotel carpet. He had never had a bottle, and had been a very healthy, breastfed child up to then. Suddenly, I had a kid who wanted only to sleep, too tuckered out even to nurse, who had few wet diapers.

The doctor said give him water, and wait it out. I had not bottles or even an eyedropper, but I borrowed one, boiled it and dripped water into my floppy boy. Within minutes he seemed to be a little happier and soon could nurse a wee bit. Within the week he was up again, his old self. The doc said he could have caught something much worse if he was hospitalized for simple dehydration.



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