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Reviewed by Roberta Waters

Rating: (5 out of 5 for all 3 CD's reviewed here)

Shhh…Listen…I know a secret…

There are some awesome CD’s out there for you and your little ones.

1) Moochas Gracias by Anna Moo with Bo Diddley is one cleaver, foot stompin’ musical feast. Moms and dads will love the variety of styles and the artistic renderings of these fast to be familiar tunes. But the CD is really for your little ones, who will love the words and actions they can perform along with the music.

Jazz, blues, acoustic rock, county banjo, even a Bob Dylan rendition, complete with harmonica accompaniment – the complete package!

All songs are written by Anna Moo. About $15 available from www.annamoo.com .

2) The next secret is a series of classical recordings made by the Arcangelos Chamber Ensemble. The four CD’s are titled, Sleepy Baby, Peaceful Baby, Cheerful Baby and Playful Baby. I had the pleasure of listening to Sleepy Baby and Cheerful Baby. Both CD’s were exquisitely rich audio treats.

Both CD’s I heard, were done in chamber music style, with a variety of symphonic instruments. I heard familiar lullabies, children’s favorites, like “Twinkle, Twinkle,” and lovely renditions of other music.

Created by Advanced Brain Technologies, these CD’s, claim the promo flyer, are “designed to achieve educational, therapeutic and self-improvement benefits in both children and adults.” Well, maybe, but who cares? The music is pure pleasure for adults and a wonderful introduction to the classical sound for babies and children.

These CD’s are available from www.advancedbrain.com  or toll free by phone: 888-228-1798.

3) Nativity is a unique CD that has different women telling their pregnancy-birth-breastfeeding stories woven into the Biblical Christmas story. Tasteful and thought provoking, this audio could be the icebreaker for any number of get-togethers. The producers interviewed 26 women, added script and narrators and original music to create this masterpiece.

The CD has aired a number of times on California’s public radio since April 2002.

Complete Mother readers will absolutely love the comments about breastfeeding given by some of the women. Said one new mother, completely in awe of her innate ability to nourish her newborn: “The miracle of milk…I’m a successful animal!” Ah, yes, the miracle of mother’s milk…

If there is a shortcoming to this 78-minute spoken-word CD, it is that there is no mention of childbirth loss during the birth process. But this is a very minor omission.

Call your local library and demand that they buy this CD so that your entire community can listen and be filled with wonder. Buy a copy for yourself, or as a gift, too. At $15 plus $2 shipping, it is a bargain.

Available from Independent Eye at http://www.independenteye.org/orders.html .

Reviewed by Roberta Waters


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