Mother's Advertising Hall of Shame



Well, you've got to give them credit for trying, but......

bunny bottle!A furry bunny bottle holder??? Hands-free luxury! See it to believe it here: The Bottle Bunny

Oh my! Here's another: The Bottle Bundle

And this one. What marketing genius thought of this name?  The Pacifeeder
Ad Copy:
Why Pacifeeder?
Every parent needs to hold their child. This develops the loving bond between child and parent.

This highly technological specimin was invented by a doctor!  Natural Flow
Ad Copy: "
Designed to Reduce Colic and Ear Infections"  Well, duh, try breastfeeding and you won't need this goofy product.

How about a Safety Pacifier Bib  This one has the pacifier attached to the bib...."No more picking the pacifier up off the floor or seeing it tumble out of the stroller and onto the ground." And it's only $10.95 plus shipping! What a deal.

therm_pacifier.jpg (8492 bytes)Baby got a temp? Use the Wee Care(tm) Pacifier Thermometer  discounted to $13.95!






maggie3.gif (18330 bytes)I hate to do this to my favorite TV show, The Simpsons. I just wish Maggie would grow up and dump the pacifier!






A crystal pacifier!  Only $10.95 marked down from $21.95.
Ad copy: "
3/4 of an inch in height and makes a wonderful gift for new born members of the family by commorating this special occasion and joyous event!"

Sorry, Storknet   This link alone might not get you listed on the page: "The Dreaded Spit-Ups ~ aka the Exorcist Baby" , but this one will: "Visit our bottle feeding links on the internet"

Here's a new twist: The Bottle Bank and Bear   Wow! Only $27.95. Choice of gagging colors.

Submitted by: Meg Grooms, Professional Mother
listowner Parentfriends, TFPsurvivors, ChristianSurvivors, all at

if you look under infant care/nursing you will find listed, among the
breast pads and breast cream, pacifiers, baby food nursers, and bottles.

Here are the items they have listed under "nursing"

Natural Action Infant Nipples, 0 to 3 months  2 ea  $2.79  Buy   Playtex
Patterns Nurser with 10 Disposable Bottles  10 ea  $3.29  Buy  Playtex
Soft Comfort Pacifier  1 ea  $1.89  Buy  Playtex Cherubs
Reusable Bottles  9 oz  $2.29  Buy  Playtex Cherubs
Soothing Pacifier  1 ea  $2.29  Buy  Sassy

This Ad appeared in the Montgomery Ward flyer of the Chicago Tribune  1/17/99

Mother feeding with baby bottle. What gives here? Does the mattress company nor The Chicago Tribune know that doctors recommend breastfeeding as the best way to feed your baby? Do they not care that so many children are getting 2nd best?

ad1.jpg (65292 bytes)


This is an ad in the Chicago Tribune in January, 1999,  taken out by Lake Forest Hospital in Illinois. Notice the headlines on the sides: "This is a Great Beginning" and "Smiles, Hugs And Music." What is this, a Marriott Hotel? They say, "You're a Guest, Not a Patient." Then, why do they want to incarcerate midwives for "practicing medicine without a license." Not a patient; incredible admission.

Of course they don't tell you that in 1992 (the latest statistics available) Lake Forest Hospital had a 27.6% Caesarian Section rate (508 out of 1,841 live births) and NO neonatal ICU provisions.  Perhaps you have improved since then, Lake Forest Hospital? If so, please send me your latest statistics.

ad_hosp.jpg (34390 bytes)

Send me your Hall of Shame newspaper ads. I'll put them up here.

Greg Cryns
5703 Hillcrest
Richmond, IL.  60071

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