Emily's homebirth stories - two stories

I found out I was pregnant with my first two months after I was married.  I was very excited.  After nine months of wonderful pregnancy(no tests no ultrasound just a great midwife)  labor started in the evening of the 21 of August.  After 18 hrs of basically easy labor I had not dialted past a 1.  I got into the tub which I hated got out and labored on the toilet for a while which was better. 

About 5pm I was at  3-4cm dialated and quite discouraged.  My husband and I laid down on our bed in complete darkness for the next hour.  It was the best part of labor.  The contractions were the hardest but I discovered darkness and quiet was what I needed.  By 6pm I was fully dialated and pushed my baby out in 18 minutes.  No tears just a bit sore.  When he came out he looked like a little blueberry with wide open eyes.  He never cried and pinked up beautifully.  He nursed almost immediately and nursed for the next 20 months when I weaned him because I was 7 months pregnant with my next baby and my nipples were just too sore to continue. 

My next labor was even better.  It started on Saturday evening again but went much faster.  I dialated normally and this time made sure I was left alone with my husband in the dark.  I had her at 5:56am after only 12 hrs of labor as compared to 24 with my first.  Again I did not tear and was only barely sore. 

Then comes the bad part.  After my placenta came out I hemorraged about 4cups.   It immediately stopped but I felt to dreary to even be interested in my baby so I went into the hospital to have an IV and a catheter.  The doctor had the nurse pull out some evil looking instruments to do a DC but my husband put a stop  to it which I am grateful for because I felt unable to stand up for myself. We were back home within the hour feeling much better.  And after taking some herbal blood builders never felt tired and my hematocrit came up incredibly fast.  I will definitely have a home birth next time but am looking into natural ways to prevent bleeding next time.  I will still have a midwife but am hoping to catch the next baby myself.  If anyone has any ideas on preventing bleeding email me at bra8@email.byu.edu

~Emily Allen


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