Birth Stories

Hospitals are getting bad press lately. More parents are demanding to be heard, especially in the childbirth scene.

Here is a place where you can tell us about your personal hospital or home childbirth experience.  We are not taking sides on this issue. If you had a great experience, tell us. If not-so-great then tell us about that too!

Please send your story to 

Take part in our little poll and we'll publish the results here.

Pictures to accompany your story are very welcome! You can send them in email to me at or you can snail mail them to Greg Cryns, 5703 Hillcrest, Richmond, IL. 60071. But please send all text in email.

- good hospital experience
- bad hospital experience
- neutral opinion

Hospital Birth Stories

Jana's story 
with pictures

Maggie's story 

Katrina's story 

Allana's story 

Sam's story 

Kristin's story  (two births)

Terri's story

Rhea's story 

Susie's story 

Ashley's story 

Becky's story 

Joanna's story 

Shea's birth story 

Sarah's story  

Donna's story 

Chris's birth story 

Christine's story 

Amy's story     (two births)

Corrie & Todd's story 

Liz's story      (five births)

Connie's story 

Allyson's story  


Homebirth Stories

Pam and Nelson's story 

William's story

Heather's story 

Beth's story 

Kimi's story 

Karen's story 

Krista's story 

Catherine's story 

Jennifer's story 

Carmel's story 

Colleen Anne Britton's story 
     * With pictures!

Matthew's Birth 
* With pictures!

Griffin's Birth 
* With pictures!


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