Allyson's Hospital Birth Story

I have had two hospital births. My first came when I had just turned 19. It was a year of changes. I found out in April I was pregnant, married in august and a mom in January.

I went to an OB that was recommended by a friend. She was a woman and
pretty cold and clinical.  I never really had been to a doc before for any reason  so this was my first experience with the medical community. I just assumed all docs were like that.   I believed she was the woman with knowledge and she would take good care of me. (how very naive)

We did the birth classes and it was a joke. We were the youngest in the class by about 15-20 years.

    I went past my due date and my doc said she wanted to induce.  I figured she knew what she was talking about so we were to show at the hospital 6am Monday morning. Thankfully I went into labour in the wee hours of Sunday morning.  It was slow going and no one prepared me for what it would feel like. Out went the no drugs plan and in came the demeral.   The drugs made me relax and I flew open to 10 cm  ( I was so scared I stayed at 3cm for a long time)

The doc came in (not mine just some doc I had never met caught the baby sewed me up and slapped my leg and said "you did good kid." That was the last I saw of him.  ( my doc was on vacation)  I found out he gave me 1/4 inch episiotomy and I was mad why couldn't he have just left me be?  

The hospital stay was not great,  What makes nurses so grumpy?  I was so tired
but this one nurse wouldn't let me rest she insisted I do some bath class where they teach you how to care for baby. I told her I was just too tired (at that point I couldn't even keep my eyes open)   

So she wheeled in a tv and vcr and made me watch several hours of infant care movies.  At least I think that is what it was about  I have to be honest I slept through most of them (which also made her angry)   I was so glad to go home.  I knew there had to be a better was for babies to be born.  

    So before my second one came I read all I could about childbirth.  My favorite was Gentle  Birth Choices.   I was really hip on the idea of water birth.   When I went for my yearly check with my doc I told her we were thinking of another and  I might like a water birth.

Oh man I thought her head was going to pop right off!! She started to rant... "You woman all want healthy babies but ...." she stopped herself and said to go talk to the Bradley people.   It was then I realized it was time to find a new health care provider.

It took us a while to get pregnant with  Holly.   I was so happy when we did.   I decided to find a midwife.  My husband was not so comfortable with the Idea.   To him it was like why drive a Chevy when you can drive a caddy. He eventually came around but I pretty much had to say this is my body not
yours!   I was much wiser this time around and thought I could handle it.
All I could find was hospital midwives so I thought okay at least it is a midwife right?

She told me everything I wanted to hear and  I was the director of this show.   Funny I don't remember scripting that EFM or all those pelvic exams or having blood drawn at 9 cm.   

I got through this one with no drugs I didn't even go to the hospital until I was 7-8 cm dilated.  We were there for less than an hour before Holly showed.  I asked for dim lights  but never got them. The nurses and midwife talked about their Christmas shopping and I bit my lip to stop myself from screaming at them to shut up (I just couldn't stand the noise) And to put the cherry on top she brought an apprentice so I delivered in a semi-reclined position so she could see, even though every fiber in my being screamed to be on hands and knees.

I will not give birth in a hospital again. I would rather do it myself at home.   I believe no matter what any one tells you or how well you educate yourself- once you go through those hospital doors you are no longer your own person, you are their patient.

I felt more violated by the midwife I thought she would be in my corner not the hospitals.  The doc- well In think that is just the way they are.  I didn't expect him to protect me.

~Allyson Keith



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