Christine's Hospital Birth Story


I was 18 and scared with an unplanned pregnancy. I went to the doctor, pregnancy progressed wonderfully with no problems. Due date came and went. Two weeks later Doc said, "I'm going on vacation, so if you want me to deliver your baby you'll have to be induced. Otherwise it'll have to be the backup doc."  I asked what the difference between natural and induced labor was. He told me that induced labor was a
" little more intense". HA!!!
 Needless to say i went in to be induced. After 24 hrs. of drug-free, induced labor they gave me Demerol to "help me relax". At 32 hrs. Doc decided that I needed a C-sec. They wheeled me in, stuck a needle in my back, stapped my arms down and cut me open. I got to see DD for 1 min. before they took her away! DH wasn't allowed in the OR, so I was alone. The worst part is that they gave her a sugar-water bottle even though I specifically told them I was breastfeeding! The nurses were horrible. I felt like I was just another uterus on an assembly line. Like they were trying to hurry up and get me out so they could get someone else in. NEVER AGAIN!!!!!

~ Christine





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