Corrie & Todd's Hospital Birth Story


I must shout the praises of my hands- off Dr. and the incredibly pro- breastfeeding, pro- bonding and pro- rooming in staff at our county hospital.

Perhaps it is because we live in a small rural community, or that most folk's granparents were born in their bed at home, or that the lactation consultant on staff demands that her nurses be well versed in latch-on techniques, or the local WIC office requires that all pregnant WIC reciepients attend breastfeeding classes...or a combination of all. But, when I've had each of my three daughters, my labour, delivery, and recovery were in one suit. I was attended by one nurse. I was given no I.V., not shaved, not offered medication, my water was only broken upon request, and I was allowed to run overdue until my incredibly fat babies were ready to meet the universe.
My daughters were put to breast with the vernix still on them. Taken hours later to be checked for only the minimum of time, and then returned to sleep peacefully in my arms for the next 48 hours.

My third daughter was fed one ounce of sugar water when her blood sugar fell, and she got the shakes...they fed her with a cup, so as to avoid nipple confusion. Upon leaving the hospital I was given the home phone number of our lactation consultant, the schedule for our local breastfeeding support group-as well as the phone numbrs of all who are in the group, and the names of their babies. Finally, I was told to bring my babies in for a weight check anytime I worried they weren't thriving at the breast.
Nothing but praises to Dr. Easly and his staff, and the Van Wert County Hospital. If I can't have my births at home, I'll accept no one other than them.
Corrie and Todd Greene
Proud parents of Chloe, Cammie, and Carson
P.S. They also allowed my husband to catch the baby if at all possibe, and my mother to labour with me. Without wearing dorky hospital clothes.




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Hospital Birth Stories
Hospital Birth Stories
Hospital Birth Stories

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