Jana's hospital birth story

My dd was born when I was 19, just married about 1 year, and soooo deep in depression.  I was in no condition to be married much less pregnant.  I was typical, scared, naive, all trusting.  The more intervention, the better. Induced for "PIH", ha!  34 hours of hallucinations, restless naps, vaginal exams from everyone on the floor.  Finally, after the threat of a c-section looming over me, I, despite the epidural, AROM, and fear, was ready to push. I pushed and she was born.  My first child!  I was exausted because I hadn't been 'allowed' to eat anything for two days.  The nurses were psycho-bitches and I HATED my hospital experience.  Left the hospital feeling raped.  What a bunch of morons in matching uniforms!  The birthing room was just beautiful with wood floors, oak furniture, and shifty-eyed employees looking to try some new piece of equipment out on the young girl.      Despite the idiotic intervention with my babe and I, we finally reversed the effects of the pacifier and sugar water, ect. and went on to nurse for 5+ years.  My other children have been born at home with and without midwives.  WAYYYY better!:)

New Mexico


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