Joanna's hospital birth story 

My daughter was born in a hospital in February 1994.  My attending physician was none other than the chief of obstetrics.  I allowed my labor to be induced, as this was my first child and I was told the baby would be over ten pounds.  Pitocin lead to an epidural, which led to internal monitoring.  The nurse told me the internal monitor would 'suction' to my baby's head.  When she was born she had four circular scabs where the monitor was screwed into her scalp.  The epidural also lead to vacuum extraction, which didn't work fast enough.  Then came the forceps.  As that man (I refuse to refer to him as a doctor) wedged them into my vagina, I was screaming "You are hurting me!  You are hurting me!"  He told me to calm down.  My daughter was born, blue and purple and needing resuscitation.  I was left with fourth degree tears in three separate directions from the episiotomy.  Good thing I was in a hospital, eh?
As a result of this barbaric treatment, I had tears in my pelvic floor that took nine months to diagnose.  Then another four months to decide on a course of action.  When my daughter was 13 months old, I had to undergo pelvic reconstructive surgery to repair the damage that monster did to me.  It is still a painful topic and I am crying as I write this.  Never again will I allow my body to be manipulated in such a coarse, uneducated, uninformed misogynistic manner.  I went on to have a wonderful homebirth in 1996 with a lay midwife and there is no question what I would choose if/when we have a third child.  Homebirth is the only option for me.



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