Kristin's Hospital Birth Story

Both of my babies were born in a hospital.  The first I would characterize neutral, the 2d thumbs up.

Aleesha was 2 weeks past due and labor was induced on our first anniversary. As my husband and I played Scrabble while I waited for something exciting to happen with all of the things attached to me, he remembered to let me win.  By the next day, contractions were still faint and progress was slow, but my family practice doctor let me keep on going.  After 30 hours, I opted for drugs; this left me stoned and unhappy, but I was able to not be too affected by  the complications.

Of course, after quite a bit of time on back and now doped up, my baby still wasn't coming out.  After the room filled with nurses and doctors, they managed to fracture her clavicle and pull her out - severe shoulder dystocia.  I was cut and ripped from the 10 pound, 1 ounce beauty that was worked on by the NICU nurses right by my bed.  After an hour and a half of stitching and the drugs wearing off, I felt ready to hold my baby.  My husband had her until then, without bottles.  She latched on like a champ.

My second child, same hospital and doctor - this time with a doula and more knowledge of what I wanted.  We induced at a week and a half past due - my choice.  Since I had been nursing through the pregnancy, drinking raspberry leaf tea and using kohosh and evening primrose at the end of the pregnancy, I felt I had done my part in trying to get labor going on its own.  I did not want to risk another dystocia - my daughter had been blessed with no nerve damage, but I knew other children not so lucky. 

After an evening of cervigel, my body went into labor without pitocin. I was not hooked up to anything, allowed minimal external monitoring and was pretty much left alone by the nurses.  I was not allowed to eat, however - that looming c-section threat if baby was too big.  So I got done before lunch - 4 hours of real labor, 20 minutes of pushing, my little 9 pound, 11 ounce baby placed on my stomach for me to clean and nurse.  My husband cut the cord and got blood all over his silk shirt (I still tease him for wearing that to the delivery).  I was thrilled with my experience, had minimal tearing and big sister came in that afternoon to show little brother how to nurse. 

Aleesha and Isaac are still breastfeeding strong at 35 and 15 months, respectively.  We are working on getting insurance changed before I am pregnant again so that we will deliver our next child at the same place with the same doctor.  Knowledge of what I wanted and how I wanted it was respected, and I feel more secure with my large babies (with my narrow pelvis) being born in a hospital.  I will use a doula again and have the same birth plan.  I loved my second birth and hope that it is repeated, just with my body TOTALLY going into labor on its own (before the baby gets over 9 1/2 pounds!)





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