Terri's hospital birth story 

I realize that I am an exception in the world of hospital births.  I had 3 over all pleasant experiences with hospital births.  However, I believe this was largely due to the fact that I am a Bradley childbirth instructor who wasn't afraid to speak her mind and that I had researched routine hospital practices on my own and had a very specific birth plan.  The first birth, I had a horrible OB, but the nurses kept him away until the last minute.  I had no drugs, episiotomy, augmentation, IV, etc., but only at my insistance.

After the birth I was largely left alone, which was exactly what I wanted.

I did have to remind the staff that I wanted no vitamin K shot, eye drops, bath for the baby, or pitocin shot for me.  I also had to request a waiver to avoid the PKU test and to have the pediatrician come to my room.

The second birth, I arrived at the hospital already crowning and birthed in the triage room with a nurse.  The aftercare was much the same. 

The third birth was the best.  I had a CNM in favor of totally natural birth.  She faxed a signed copy of my birth plan to the hospital as I was in route.  The nurses respected my wishes, not even approaching me about IV, monitoring, etc.  They brought the PKU waiver to me without my asking.  I know from my students that many mothers desiring natural birth have had to argue for their rights more than I did.  Just remember that YOU are the mother.  Do your research and refuse to be swayed.  Most of all, find an OB or midwife who will support your decisions.

~Terri Moore
Email: babiesbynature@hotmail.com 



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