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Midwives have existed since the beginning of humanity. Why, then, is it so difficult to find a midwife in America?  What events occured between the mid 1800's until the present day which nearly made midwifery extinct in America? And why are more families now looking into homebirth as a refuge from hospital care?
Home Sweet Homebirth provides the answers. Interviews with noted doctors, historians and midwives. Very interesting and informative video.




Breast Feeding Reduces Obesity in Children

Obesity is the most frequent nutritional disorder in children and is an important risk factor for cardiovascular disease in adulthood. Preventing obesity is important because weight loss interventions in obese children are costly and rarely successful. Data from a cross sectional study in Bavaria suggests that the risk of obesity in children at the time of school entry can be reduced by breast feeding: a 35 percent reduction occurs if children are breastfed for three to five months. In the study, the prevalence of obesity in children who had never been breast fed was 4.5 percent as compared with 2.8 percent in breastfed children. Preventing obesity and its consequences may be an important argument in the drive to encourage breast feeding in industrialized countries. Since obese children have a high risk of becoming obese adults, such preventive measures may eventually result in a reduction in the prevalence of cardiovascular diseases and other diseases related to obesity.

British Medical Journal, 1999;319:147-150 ( 17 July )


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