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Athlete's Foot: Prevention


o you know whatís the very best way to treat athleteís foot?  By preventing its appearance in the first place!  If this sounds old fashioned, so be it.  But there are several tricks and tips 

 your feet from becoming the next breeding ground for tenia pedis.

First, the fungus needs a damp place to grow.  Take the dampness away from it and it just canít flourish.  So youíll want to keep your feet as dry as possible.  Once youíve dried your feet as much as you possibly can following a bath or a shower, you still may want to take an added precaution. This you can do by applying a medicated powder in your shoes and socks on a regular basis.

Speaking of socks, youíll want to make sure the ones youíre wearing are absorbent to soak up any of the sweat from your feet.  Ideally, you should try to wear cotton socks.  When youíre done wearing them, youíll also want to wash them in hot water.  Be sure to bleach them too.

Your shoes should be well ventilated.  If you wore them and find they are damp, donít wear that pair again until their dry.

If you donít like shoes and would rather go barefoot, try to suppress that desire.  But you could compromise.  Wear open-toed sandals.  Theyíll help you prevent athleteís foot by allowing enough air around your feet that theyíll dry quickly.

Have you ever thought about using your antiperspirant on your feet?  Well, perhaps you should consider it.  This may prove to be especially crucial if youíre prone to developing athleteís foot.  Itís an effective way to control the sweating that may cause this fungus to grow.

Let your shoes air out at night.  In fact, if at all possible, donít wear the same pair of shoes daily.  This is the perfect way to allow one pay to air out while youíre using the other.

Some individuals apply an antifungal lotion to their feet after they dry them following a bath or shower. They then follow this with the application of an antifungal foot powder.  There are any number of good ones on the market today.  You can might have to try several out to see which one works best for you.  You wan to make sure the one you choose doesnít contain any cornstarch.  Cornstarch encourages fungal growth.




Note: Some statements in this article may not be approved by the FDA. This article is for informational purposes only and should not be taken as professional medical advice.

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