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Breastfeeding Anyway: For Love Itself

by James Prescott, PhD, Boone, North Carolina

I challenge the justice system to find one murderer, rapist or drug addict in any correctional facility who was breastfed “two years and beyond,” as recommended by the World Health Organization. If a national health policy would support mothers being nurturant mothers our culture would transform from violence to peace.

If we are to survive as a species, we must return to the ‘lifeplan’, which through millions of years of evolutionary biology and psychobiology, has provided for the intimate, physical affectional bonding between mother and her offspring, which establishes the foundation for later sexual affectional bonding and for love itself. Without love, there can be no survival of Homo Sapiens.

Only in the recent human mammal do we find the newborn separated from its mother at birth, and the mother not breastfeeding its newborn and infant. Such aberrant behavior has exacted a terrible price upon the physical, emotional, and social health of the offspring, as a baby, a child, an adolescent and an adult: depression, impulse dyscontrol, violence and substance abuse. On the other hand, those adults fortunate enough to have been breastfed two years or more, will have enhanced integrative brain development for the experiencing of sexual affection, pleasure and bonding which translates into stable psychosexual and marital relationships and diminished divorce.

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