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Pierced Nipple

by Melanie Fike, Lytton, British Columbia

When I was young and foolish, I pierced my nipple. When my milk first came in, and for six months after, I leaked profusely from the piercing holes that never did close up.

The holes are on either side of my nipple, so the milk would leak out of the holes before it got to the nipple ducts. During this extremely leaky time I carried a cloth with me wherever I went. I donít wear a bra, so breastpads are not my thing.

I got a breast infection when Sequoia was 18 months old. Iíve had them over and over again, always in the breast thatís pierced. Usually I just get a plugged duct, or sometimes two ducts plugged at the same time. Hot water packs, and taking it easy mentally and physically, does the trick within two days or so. Twice I had a bad infection, with redness, swelling and tenderness. Both times I took usnea tincture, a dropper full, four times a day and in two days it was gone. Usnea is a moss that hangs down off pine trees,


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