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Torticollis: Torn Muscle

by Linsey Warner, Barrie, Ontario

My older sister was pregnant too, due three months before me. She planned a homebirth: I thought she was crazy.

I am a large woman, and didn’t hear my sweet baby’s heartbeat until I was 25 weeks pregnant, and never felt her kick until 30 weeks. My sister gave birth to a beautiful girl at home. Our mother was lucky enough to witness it.

My due date came and went. The obstetrician concluded I should be induced, and added, “If it doesn’t work you’ll have to have a C-section. As heavy as you are, it will take a long time to recover.” I got my clothes on and got out of there.

I was in hospital in labour for 18 hours, and

pushed for three. The doctor finally showed up for the last 45 minutes and suggested the vacuum extractor. “Like hell,” I thought and pushed with all my energy, love and might. Five pushes later, Emily Rebecca was born, her face mashed and purple. She wasn’t breathing. The doctor cut her cord, rushed her to an isolet and revived her, in the longest 15 seconds of my life. She had come out transverse, or head and shoulder first, causing Torticollis, a torn muscle in her neck.

After nine months of chiropractic, and massage therapy, Emily is strong, health, and a totally breastfed little girl.

The rest of my children will be born at home.



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