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Unilateral Breastfeeding

By Donna Nye, Cranston, Rhode Island

Although I alternated breasts at feedings since my sonís birth, I noticed at two months that my left breast seemed to make more than my right. At five months, he just refused my right breast altogether.

So I became a unilateral breastfeeder. I wish someone had warned me to pump the unused breast, for cosmetic reasons and emotional/mothering reasons if for no other. Much to my surprise, I began to grieve that my son would never nurse on my right breast ever again.

In summer, skimpier clothes meant everyone could notice I was uneven. Shirts looked really lopsided with a size C grapefruit of a left breast and an AA pancake right. I tried to pad the unused breast, but it never stayed put.

As far as unilateral breastfeeding being a problem, it was only hard if the baby nipped me, or if he needed to suck all day. There wasnít another breast to give me a break. It seemed best to let my nipple air-dry.

My son is 2 1/2 now and still nursing. My unevenness doesnít bother me anymore. At home, my husband prefers small breasts, my son prefers a full breast of warm nummies, so I have something for everyone.

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