Motherhood as a Spiritual Practice: A Journeybook
by Patti Sinclair

Reviewed by Roberta Waters

What a great book for those on the Goddess path of life. Canadian Patty Sinclair has written an introspective on life as a new mother during the childbearing year. Readers who are new mothers themselves will find comfort and camaraderie in her notes on feeling overwhelmed and lonely.

Sinclair shares the emotional roller-coaster she road as a new mother, a ride many also reluctantly share. For example page 105, “Last night I was feeling love, connection, and the divine. Today I feel close to being shattered.” New moms, bleary-eyed from lack of continuous sleep can nod in affirmation while thinking, “Welcome to my world.”

Plenty of space is reserved for readers to leave their own thoughts and musings. A self-therapy of sorts.

Sinclair’s spiritual beliefs, while not defined in this book, are of a global earth-mother- goddess type and include spiritual helpers. While not promoting a particular religion, Sinclair includes numerous references and prayers to the “Goddess.”

The book is written so one need only read a few pages at a time, something new mothers will appreciate. Ceremonies are important for marking milestones in our lives. Sinclair recognizes this. In the appendix, she includes suggestions for creating your own rituals using tarot cards, items as oracles, candles, etc.

Patty Sinclair has done a fine job of honoring mothers through the writing of this book. Those who wish a spiritual guide through the days, weeks and months as new mother will find her book a good friend to keep close at hand.

The book is available from Patti Sinclair

Unlimited Publishing
11163 – 73 Avenue
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada T6G0C5

10% of the profits from the sale of this book are donated to ASAC: Association for Safe Alternatives in Childbirth, Edmonton, Alberta.

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