The Truth About Disposable Diapers

Finally! It is agreed by all objective sources that disposable diapers are the worst environmental choice. They are, in fact, only interested in the truth. These groups are interested in improving the environment for the benefit of living things and future generations of living things. This is a very noble, real and true pursuit. Why would they decieve or misinform us? Answer: They wouldn't.

So then, why is there so much confusion about this issue? Well, in 1989, in response to a major trend of consumers switching to cloth diapers, Procter and Gamble decided to launch a multi-million dollar internation advertising campaign. It was designed to cloud the issues and relieve the guilt of disposable diaper users. The campaign was wildly successful. Even thought P&G was found guilty of false and misleading advertising as a result, they did regain their market share as misinformed consumers returned to disposables in droves.

P&G has stopped most of this very dubious advertising now, and consumers are now starting to learn that they were misled, especially as they realize that the objective environmental groups still insist that disposables are BY FAR the worst environmental choice in diapers. David Suzuki wrote to BC's Minister of Environment in March, 1994, saying that, "In my view,...(disposable diapers) are an eco-obscenity-they have no real justification save profit (of corporations)."

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