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"The Farmer and the Obstetrician" by Michel Odent, MD hard cover $30 plus $5 for P/H. (International orders email Jody(at) for postage fees.)

   In "The Farmer and the Obstetrician" Dr. Michel Odent compares the
technology of farming with technological obstetrics. He points out, with
many examples, the most important differences between the two. Farming is outcome-based and obstetrics is not.

 If a farmer has poor outcomes, he looks for the cause of the problem, ie:
when pesticides kill the bees, the orchards will not be pollinated and the
fruit will be small and deformed. The farmers production and income drop.

 In obstetrics the goal is not good outcomes, it is to control birth. When
the outcomes are poor, making birth more difficult and dangerous, the
obstetrician's income goes up not down.

 Michel looks at the loss a society suffers when women do not have the
option of giving birth spontaneously: a diminished capacity to love.
He points out the causes of the disturbance in the release of the "hormones of love" in the baby as well as the mother during this critical sensitive time period. These disturbances can impair the fundamental capacity to love. Dr. Odent gives many cultural examples of the effect of this diminished capacity to love. The countries that have the highest percentage of midwives to obstetricians also have lower crime rates and fewer police officers and smaller prison systems.

 Michel Odent presents a thirty-year plan to get us back on track.

 I highly recommend this book and am encouraging readers to order a second copy for their public libraries as well.

"The Farmer and the Obstetrician" by Michel Odent, MD hard cover $30 plus $5
for P/H
. (International orders email Jody(at) for postage fees.)

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