//-- CD Review: FAIRY TALES – Music from the ballet “Hans Christian Andersen "--//

Rating:   (4 out of 5)

FAIRY TALES – Music from the ballet “Hans Christian Andersen”

By Jeffrey Fisher


Reviewed by Roberta Waters


Fairy Tales is a CD of ballet music composed by Fisher.  The ballets are of well-known and loved children’s books by Hans Christian Andersen.  Children who are familiar with the stories, from listening to their parents read to them, will delight in the lovely orchestral sounds.  Additionally, those children who like to create their own special dances, will find the music encourages their interpretations of the stories or music.


The CD is divided into three parts that give the listener a unique audio experience for each ballet.  The shortest ballet appropriately is “Inchellina,”  a Thumbellina-type person.  The music reflects the butterfly children, a concept that even those who don’t know the story could imagine and dance along.


The “Red Shoes” has five sections that tell that story.  My favorite is the “Red Shoes” because it creates such energy.


The final part is “The Mermaid.”  Many children today will be most familiar with the Disney version of this Hans Christian Anderson story as a cartoon of Ariel and all the undersea characters.  The composition is flawlessly produced.  The music artistically balances the hopelessness of the Mermaid’s tragic love for the Prince with the Sea-Witch’s challenge.  The last composition relates the joy of the Mermaid’s decision.


Children and their parents will enjoy this CD even if they do not know anything about Hans Christian Andersen or his children’s stories.  Those who do know the stories will find this music a perfect audio reflection of the fairy tales.


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