Birth of Ines Bandoni

28 March 2001

5.49 am

2.313 kg, 45 cm

For many months now I have been reading your amazing stories and today I finally decided to write my own. My birth experience was in a hospital but, here where I live (Argentina) hospital births are not that terrible. In fact, I labored all night with a midwife until the time came and then and only then my OB intervened.  But let us not go ahead and start from the very beginning.

My mother had three children, all of us girls. Iím the eldest. All three of us were born way ahead of the supposed due date so I figured my daughter would make an early arrival. Anyway when the time came her birth took us a bit by surprise since she was actually 5 weeks early. I remember at the time I was not worried at all, all I could think was that she would be here with us very soon.

Ines is my first child. My pregnancy was a very good one. I started with a little nausea but practically no vomiting and I really didnít put on too much weight (10 kilos). The last two weeks I had been out of work on Drs advice because my waters measuring were a bit low. I was coming home from my parentsí house were we had dined around 11 pm when I sneezed really bad. I felt something wet and thought either I peed myself or Iím having a baby!!

When I got home I checked and it was definitely my waters. I phoned my doc and he made me make sure. I did everything he said even though I knew it was the real thing. I had been reading a lot and just knew. My husband prepared our bag and I phoned my midwife and decided we would meet an hour later in the hospital. I phoned my sister who by the way is medical student and happened to be on holidays and she drove us.

The three of us were very excited. I figured that since my husband did not want to witness the birth my sister could come in (this would not be so). From the moment we arrived on everything went very fast. I was very calm and had no fear at all. I had been hoping for this moment all my life. I would have even attempted a birth at home, but here that is practically impossible for many reasons. Even though I had to put up with quite a bit of intervention because of the circumstances I decided to completely let go and try to make the best out of it, nothing would be gained if I fought. My IV was placed to start induction since I had no contractions at all. I was sure my body would do what it had to do so I chatted along with everyone in the room. I have to say that  I got to a 4 without even feeling the contractions, I even joked with Valeria (my midwife) that if it had been a normal delivery I would probably still be at home without the faintest idea that this was labor. I got stuck at four I really donít know why and she explained that with an epidural I would probably relax. I said OK. Actually this was the only part I dreaded. I hate needles and I really wanted to do without the epi. But, after a lot of sweating they managed to do it and that was that. What happened afterwards is very blurred so I will just tell you the events as I remember them.

My husband eventually did go in since it was hospital policy that if the dad did not go in no one could. He sat by my side holding my hand and never looked anywhere else. I reached 10 and they told me to start pushing. To tell the truth I really felt no urge to do so but tried. As I had not attended any childbirth class and it was my first I really did not know what I was supposed to do. Besides I felt like I was out of my body and that everything that was happening was far, far away. The anesthesiologist got rather angry at me for not pushing effectively but I really did not care. Everything he said just went into one ear and got out the other one. No one and nothing would interfere with what was going on inside me. I finally got the grip on it and my daughter was born. What I can tell you is that the famous epi never took (the doc keeps telling me it canít be) because it hurt like hell and I even felt when my OB cut me. (I shouted duly). My daughter was born at 5.49, five weeks early weighing 2.313 kgs. and very alert. Her apgars were 9 and 9. The whole NICU team was there because she was a preemie. They let me kiss her and she was taken away and my husband went with her. From then on I was so exhausted that I think I fell asleep. Next thing I knew was that the doc was helping my placenta out because it wouldnít come out on its own, he made some stiches and I was ready. After sleeping for a while I was awake again wanting to share my experience with everyone, wanting to know how Ines was, wanting to be with my husband. We both cried and cried because we were so happy. My husband to this day is elated he decided to be there with me.

Ines was just fine, she just needed some days in the NICU because she couldnít regulate her body temperature but that was all. After a week we took her home and now we just canít imagine what was life without her.

A whole year has gone by but Iím still not prepared for the next one. I just want to enjoy my time with her and I want her to enjoy and be able to somehow understand when her brother or sister arrives.

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