Melissa's Birth Story could have been could have been worse.. but the end result made it all worthwhile.

     On Friday afternoon at about 11:00am, I went in for a non-stress test because I was exactly one week overdue.  The nurses became concerned after the baby hadn't moved in about 45 minutes and the heart rate was dipping slightly with the two braxton hicks contractions I had had.  So at 12:00pm, the doctor decided to begin the pitocin.  I was so scared, I was 18 and this was my first child and all of a sudden, without warning, the day had finally arrived.  My first thoughts were regrets that I had actually complained about being overdue.  I then began to beg the lord to let me wait just a couple more days, I just wasn't ready yet.   Then I called my mother and told her they were inducing me, and her response, as with most first-time grandmas, was "Don't let them touch you until I get there!"  I then explained to her that that was not an option at this point.

      So everything was going fine, my loved ones had arrived and the monitors were looking great.  I was still in the phase of "this isn't so bad... I can do this."   And then the REAL pain began to kick in.  I begged the nurses for anything BUT an epidural. (I'm not against them, I was just deathly afraid of needles.)  So I was given Nubane. (It's like Demeral.) That was wonderful... I was able to sleep and it was manageable pain again.

     Then my water broke.  With every contraction after that, the baby's heart rate plummeted.  The doctor tried an amnioinfusion, which helped a little, and even went to the point of having me sign the consent for a C-Section, which I begged and pleaded for them not to do it.  Finally the pain was so bad and I thought I was getting a C-Section anyways, that I went ahead and got an Epidural....which ended up not working, so it had to be done again.

       At this point, the baby's heart rate was looking better, not by much, but enough that the doctor decided not to do a C-Section.   So I went to
sleep for a couple of hours. 

     At about 2:00am, the doctor came in and checked me, and the baby's head was right there. (I was so numb from the Epidural, that I never had the urge to push.)

       They sat me right up and told me that with the next contraction, to push.  I said "what contractions?"  So I started pushing and the baby's heart rate plummeted.  The doctors exact words were "this baby is not going to wait."  So while I was pushing, she gave me an episiotomy from front to back, and at 2:19am, April 28th 2001, my beautiful daughter, Samantha Jennifer Anjolina Mallett, was born.


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