Remember back to that girl we all know
Sittin' on the can,lookin' at the flow
"What's going on, Am I okay?
I wish my mom was home today"
No ceremony or ritual here
Left all alone with blood and fear
Where is the crowd of wimmin strong?
Welcoming her to womanhood with gifts and song?
The only words of wisdom now
Are "Feminine Protection' and the pamphlet showing how
Protection from who, protection from what?
This is no illness, wound or cut
Why is it gross now that she bleeds?
My body is dirty? That's what she reads
These questions die out, As she slowly gives up
Just buys the tampax and quickly shuts up
It's easy to get hooked on the secrecy
The discreet and clean and sanitary...
Now years have passed and its just a habit
Every month just go and grab it
Not thinking of all the money we've spent
Like when I had my period, so I was short on rent
But how much can they cost these days?
Plus the tax of course, that each womban pays
A few bucks a box, we dish out all the time
And we don't even notice when they go up a dime
The average years of bleeding are from about 12 to 50
And even the womban who tries to be thrifty
Will pay as much as 2 grand maybe
And even more if she wont breastfeed her baby
Because of course her breasts are denied
They think "there's no baby it must have died!"
"We must ovulate quickly!" they tell the ovaries
"We must make a new baby so the breasts will be pleased"
So her cycle returns sooner if its the bottle she chooses
And more money is spent on the pads that she uses
Each moon, a new box, more money is lost
And we can be sure they will only rise in cost

Questioning this, I search for an answer
And suddenly hear that tampons cause cancer!
And than slowly... slowly, all the rumors start to reach me
And those long lost wimmin gather round to teach me
What is this scary talk? This news I'm being told
These products we believe in are poisons being sold!?
Every time we push one in, every pad we use
Is literally killing us, it's our body we abuse
They're releasing dioxins, pesticides and bleach
In some very absorbent tissues is where these toxins leach
Now 2 and 2 are put together by the medical field
All these horrid illnesses are what these products yield
Yeast infections, Toxic Shock, as well as birth defects
Endometriosis, and even painful sex
Cervical, ovarian and uterine cancer
Toxic to the immune system, a sickness enhancer
"These things have been proven"  Playtex admits
Dioxin causes cancer, even in your tits!
But we are not the only ones, poisoned by the crap
Mother Earth is being killed, as she hold us in her lap
Think of all the boxes we use, in just one bleeding year
These all end up somewhere, not so far from here
The pads all go in the garbage, wrappers, blood and all
Taken out in the trash bag, from the bathroom stall
From here its to the landfill, where they lay forgot
But Mother Earth cannot ignore them, they take so long to rot
The tampons are so easily flushed, to a place we call 'away'
To float somewhere in our oceans, or on our beaches they will lay
The wasteful plastic applicators tell some scary tales
The chemicals in the plastic are turning all animals into females
They are called endocrine disrupters, and do specifically that
Change the body's hormones by being stored in the body's fat
They mimic the hormone estrogen, and will gladly take its place
The proof is in the animals, but soon... the human race
The cardboard applicators are not better in any way
As bleach is used, dioxin released, and dioxin does not decay
It will hang around us for many hundred years
Poisoning our children, causing many tears
So next time you reach for that pastel box, think about your daughter
Will you tell her you helped to kill the earth, and put hormones in her

So with all this scary info its time we change our mind
Choose awareness over ignorance and leave the lies behind
An important step in this process is accepting that we bleed
We are half the population! Wimmin it's time we are freed
Our blood is not to be feared! It's a symbol of what we all know
That there is magick inside our bellies, a place where the mysteries grow
What are you really doing, when you throw away your blood?
In a mess of garbage landfill, with the rats and trash and mud
This sacred, powerful part of us deserves a lot more respect
No wonder our bodies create illnesses, from all this hate and neglect
Our blood is a symbol of power! Embrace it - it's yours
We don't ever need to hide it behind the bathroom doors!
We hold the power within us, fertility to create a child
Each moontime gently reminds us, we wimmin are part of the Wild
To celebrate this magick there's more than just one way
They do not poison our bodies and healthy the Earth will stay
Instead of toxic plastic, chopping trees and buying lies
Our Grannies knew the ways, they held cloth between their thighs
It doesn't bunch or chafe or ever snag your hairs
"It feels so soft and comfy!" each new cloth-wearer declares
They last for 5 years at least and cost about 5 dollars
They do not help make garbage, or support the forest fallers
When soaked in cold water they rinse so fresh and clean
Just throw them with your laundry into the washing machine
To choose this way of bleeding, the blood is not thrown away
It doesn't end up rotting on plastic that wont decay
It's so good for your houseplants, they'll turn healthy green
Its far superior for them than any cow's blood meal they've seen
Another positive, healthy way to catch your blessed flow
Is The Keeper, a neat little menstrual cup, great when you're on the go
It's made from a healthy rubber, from a tree that's tapped, not sawed
It's so comfy there inside me, truly I was awed
It's the best 45 bucks I've spent in such a long time
And because it lasts a decade, I'll not spend another dime
It's safe, non leaking and there's no surprise
And if you've had a baby you get a different size
Also there are sponges from your local health food store
They are like reusable tampons that last 3 cycles or more
They are about 7 dollars whish is not too high a price
They have no wings, no strings or things they are just simply nice!
The common complaint of these sponges is they leak if you only sneeze
They don't hold much, a woman told me, she changes it each time she pees
And even if you won't give up your tampons, or disposable pad
There are healthy alternatives, that are not all that bad
They still pollute the Earth, but not quite so badly
But their prices are much different, I will tell you sadly
They are made without chlorine bleach, and are made of 100% cotton
This is better for us humans, but the Earth is still forgotton
And even these cotton saviors, have their little flaws
Like 157 pesticides are allowed in the cotton laws
There are some I've seen, that do not have this fault
Organic Essentials and Natracare, but head for your money vault!
There is another product I've tried, a disposable little cup
But being made of plastic, I quickly gave it up
They come by the name Instead, and were sold at Overwaitea
But individually wrapped and in a box, was too much garbage for me
Also they were pricey, and created quite a mess
I would never tust these products, wearing a new white dress!
So in closing wimmin, I bless you with the power of choices
We all now hold this awareness, we just need to use our voices
Stand up for our beautiful bodies, our uterus and its health
And save yourselves some money, enjoy the extra wealth
It's time we call for action, tell wimmin, get them riled
Because each moontime gently reminds us, we wimmin are part of the Wild!
Springtime 2000 



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