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When my oldest was a wee babe, I was blessed with a box of old Compleat Mothers. He suckled, and I read. It was CM that supported, encouraged and challenged me to the high level of compleat mothering I am privileged and proud to provide to my family.

Thank you for your unending commitment to families.

{{{{{Catherine's family}}}}}}}

Through tears of shock and grief, I am eternally grateful for the work that Cathering so selflessly gave herself to. Support, acceptance, instinctual living. Thank you Catherine and your amazing family. My heart is truly saddened. I feel as if I've lost my best friend...

gentle blessings, Jana

On Canada's 125 anniversary in 1992 Catherine spearheaded a " Breastfeeding Float" for our hometowns celebratory parade. As the local League Leader at the time she solicited my help in loading the back of her nieghbours truck with breastfeeding momma's and their nurslings. With her usual enthusiasm she plastered the outside of the truck with her posters and we headed off- the media awaited! We proudly smiled for the local TV station- what a perfect photo-op we thought! What a shock to see a day later our smiling faces with the beautiful posters blackened out- it would seem that the possibility of a " sensitive viewer" being shocked by a nursing photo was enough to censor.

Three years later before her move to Clifford she invited me and my brood for lunch and play. My two eldest jumped on the trampoline while I nursed new babe Elijah and she made some killer omelets. We talked about farming, our shared interest and passion for birth ( she really was the first person to suggest I should become a Doula and mostly just being women. She was passionate. She dared to say things weren't right, went out on a limb to defend nursing mothers, did things that her heart told her to.

On the day after her mascetomy she phoned me to say " her breast was gone". For once in my life I didn't know what to say, sensing my own fear she insisted I had to come and see her new pajamas. For her it became another opportunity to teach and give.

My thoughts are with her three children - one of whom came to my door five years ago with my daughters lost bracelet- found when the trampoline was moved! Thank you for sharing your mother with so many of us. It has inspired us to parent well- and that gift never stops giving.

Mary Lynn

I wish there were more people as pro-active as you were. Willing to fight the good fight until resolution. Never giving up morals.

I thought you would beat this! I thought you had it licked.

I can't imagine a world without you, the ORIGINAL compleat mother.

I will miss you, though I never had the privilege to meet you.


I was afraid of my impending motherhood. I had very little experience with pregnancy, birthing or babies, and had no idea what to expect. I was confused, nervous and unsure of myself. All I had was mainstream attitudes to learn from. I kept thinking "Oh my god I am going to be a mother, how can *I* be a mother?!?"

One day in desperation, i went to the public library to find books on pregnancy depression. I was looking at pamphlets in the main area, and I spotted a newsprint magazine stuffed in one of the pockets.

It was the Compleat Mother.

I went home and read it cover to cover, and I bawled for the entire time...For the first time ever I knew that I was not the only one who didn't share mainstream ideals concerning birth & childrearing. For the first time I realized that I would indeed breastfeed my baby, have as natural a birth as I could, and instinctively parent my child.

For the first time ever...I said to myself with great hope and joy: "I AM GOING TO BE A *MOTHER!!!*"

Thank you Catherine for your inspiring publication, and your tireless efforts on behalf of millions of babies.

love, kendell.

And to hear such sad news...Thank you Catherine for all you have given me....Im sad I never got a chance to meet you IRL. :(


I started reading Compleat Mother during my 1st pregnancy. Now, 7yrs later I am expecting my 4th and still live for the day CM shows up in my mail box. Catherine, your encouragement, support and wonderful sense of humour have helped so many of us be better mothers. You will be missed, but will live on in our hearts.

My prayers go out to Catherine's children and family.

Anne Marie

Where has Catherine gone??? I do not receive the print issue of compleat mother (but have read almost all issues through friends or the library). I feel linked to this woman I have never met yet has sooo influenced my mothering.


Catherine was a truly amazing woman.  Her heart was full of love for all babies and women in the world and through her total dedication and hard work she created a network of women who were there to inspire and support each other.  

The greatest tribute to Catherine will be the continuation of her work, in promoting breastfeeding, natural birth, the Nestle Boycott and, perhaps most important of all, the publication of the Compleat Mother. 

She will be sadly missed by all who had the good fortune to come into contact with her.  Her bravery and kind words of wisdom will stay with me always.

Much love and sympathy to all her family and friends.

Fond wishes, Gemma Shepherd.
Dunoon, Scotland.

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