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How sad to lose someone who has helped and encouraged so many of us...............The message is  still the same as to those who lost loved ones in New York--trust God who is the great comforter and healer of pain........Thank you for keeping the magazine going and encouraging another generation of new mothers...As one who talks a lot, I am at a loss for words.  Please pray for comfort and realize that God is a God of love and care, in spite of our crazy world.
Love,  Mrs "T" from Chicago


As I sit here with tears running down my face, I think back to when I first discovered compleat mother magazine.  Twelve years ago this past summer I was pregnant with my third son and planning my first home birth, my oldest was only 3 and my second son was turning 2 and still breastfeeding.

Following a letter that I read in the magazine, I wrote asking people for information and suggestions about tandem nursing.  I received a flood of mail including a personal message from Catherine.  I tandem nursed my 2 boys for about 18 months.  I am still corresponding with one woman who became a pen pal.  Over the years since then, I have gone on to have 2 more children, both born at home, a son who weaned at age 5 and a daughter who will be 5 in December and who is not yet weaned. 


I have written letters to the magazine over the years and also enjoyed the wonderful tea. Catherine was an inspiration and a role model and an outspoken advocate for breastfeeding, mothers, babies and yes families too.  She will be missed by many.  May she be healed of her pain and remembered with love now that she has crossed over and journeys on alone without the living.  My thoughts are with her children.

Susanna Eve in Halifax, NS, Canada


I just heard the news of Catherine's death and am heart-broken.  Catherine was a friend and an inspiration.  She has forever changed the way I feel about breastfeeding and mothering as a whole.  Catherine, though you've left us for now, you've impacted our lives in ways we will never truly be able to measure.  The mothering philosophies which I have been exposed to through knowing you, I will pass along to my own children and I would hope that they will, in turn pass, that along to their children...for that I thank you!
Respectfully, Sylvie Wolfe, (Kincardine, Ontario)



When my son was born, I bought the very first edition of Compleat Mother. It spoke to my heart. It was truth, and I knew it with every fibre of my being. By advertising my fledgling business in Catherine's magazine, I kept food on our table during hard times. I became a lactation consultant because I KNEW that it was right. I could read the validation of this every time the magazine arrived.
It is no exaggeration to say that Catherine Young guided the path of my life to this point. She said what we all knew. I cannot believe that she is gone. My sympathy is with her family ~ believe me when I tell you that her life was not lived in vain.
Jo-Anne Lawless
Paris Ontario

I am so sorry for the loss of this amazing woman.  Although her fight against cancer has been lost, may we all continue her breast feeding advocacy and boycot of Nestle.
Our thoughts and hearts are with you all.
Much Love and Great Sadness,
Lynn & Sinead, who is thankful that her mother knew of such a great woman

Death is often a tragedy in whatever form.  In lieu of the World Trade Center and Pentagon tragedies that I am brought to tears by Catherine's  passing as well.  It is a blessing that she was brought to our lives and she will be missed greatly.  I breastfed my daughter until she was 18 months.  I had many times where I just wanted to quit and coincidently would usually get an email from Compleat Mother at that time.  It would always cheer me and keep me going.  Blessings to her family for their loss.
Kelly in Texas

I have been a reader of Compleat Mother for two years. I thank Catherine for her tireless work and passionate devotion. Her massage goes far and wide. I always post my magazine off to other mothers. May her light continue to shine through all the women who live the message of attachment (natural) mothering. Sincere and heartfelt blessings go to her family. You were indeed blessed...and may it continue to be that way for you - that her love and light live within you.

Veronika Robinson

And now this...what a week!  The world has suffered another great loss!  My thoughts and prayers go out to her family.  Stay strong.


It was with deep sadness that I learned that on this tragic of tragic days, dear Catherine had also gone to be with her Lord.  I wonder if God didn't plan to bring her home when so many babes and wee ones in the World Trade Centre daycares would need her in heaven to mother them, so many mommies and daddies would be there missing their children and needing her nurturing, gentle love.

Catherine influenced my life in so many ways:  she was a constant encourager through years of infertility, then the adoption of a cocaine addicted baby who I partially nursed with her support, then a miracle pregnancy and subsequent surgery and hospital stay I breastfed through, La Leche League leadership and midwifery activism, then another adoption of a precious drug addicted baby and yet another miracle pregnancy.  Through life's many struggles, ups and downs, unemployment, poverty, richness in poverty, Catherine never stopped sending me encouraging notes, publishing my stories, even covering my subscription cost to the Mother when necessary.  I'm sending a small donation by mail to help another mom receive the Mother and some to help the Mother keep fighting Nestle.  God bless Catherine, through teary eyes, God bless her, hug her and keep her til we meet again,

Krista Thompson
Calgary, Alberta

Dear Mother,

       I am greatly sadend by the passing of one of my heros, Catherine Young. She and the Compleat Mother have helped my family and me through many decisions. She has been an inspiration to so many. She has contributed more to the children of this country in her short life-time than most people do in a full life-time. My family and I would like to send our warmest regards
to the family and personal friends of this great woman.

God Bless,
Brad D. Downing(NOCIRC of Wichita Falls,TX)

Dear Family of Catherine Young,
Please know that you and your family have been in my thoughts and prayers a great deal these past few months, and especially these past few days. Catherine was one of the greatest women I never met. Only through email interaction and a short note in the mail with a magazine subscription, did I get very personal with her, but as I have read through her editorials of Compleat Mother these past years, I have grown to deeply love her, her attitude about life, views about right and wrong, and the power in her womanhood. She is such an example for all to follow. That legacy and spirit will never die. Women all over the world will think of her as they birth their babies with power, put their babe's to their breasts, and follow their instincts as mothers. They will remember the greatest advocate for motherhood.
I want you to know that in April of this year, my mother, as well, died from cancer. She has left behind her young family and the beginnings of her grandchildren. She, too, was raised in an era where breastfeeding was shunned and 'professionally' discouraged. She was, no doubt, a formula-fed baby. I wonder how things may have been different for our family if only her mother, and her mother's mother, and so on, had been supported in their efforts to breastfeed; to go against the grain. How grateful we are that people like Catherine lived in our era, so we could have that support as we begin to raise our families.
In such a time of sadness, know that others are thinking and praying for you, feeling a part of your pain, and are grateful for a wonderful woman named Catherine. God bless her.
Heather McCue

What can one say about a woman who dedicated her heart, her soul, her every breathing moment, to the one true cause which could change the world so much for the better?

How can one do her justice, simply by saying she was a martyr, a warrior, a rudimentary revolutionary whose work was to progress through reversion?

What can one say about a woman who affected the lives of so many, who taught us so much, who was not afraid to shout truths even while she was being cursed by those who feared that truth, who cared more about the almighty dollar than about precious human life?

Catherine may be gone, but she will never be forgotten.  She has taught us well, and now we must teach others.  We must carry her voice, be guided by her vision, and continue to educate, stand on soapboxes, scream, write, boycott, and do whatever it takes to keep her work alive.

Goodbye, Catherine.

As if the events of September 11, 2001 were not jarring enough.

Peace to all the family of Catherine.
And to you; her friends, staff, and heart-family.
May we continue on work after the fine example she has set for us.
L Wright
Jackson, MS

My memories of Catherine. 

   I had just given birth to my second child by c-section in 1992 after attempting an unassisted birth at home.  I asked my mother to go to the health food store to get me a copy of Mothering magazine and she came home with Complete Mother instead.  My life changed in that moment.  I had been a childbirth teacher and was interested in natural things, but Catherine's magazine and passion were my lifeline for the next few years.  Time after time complete mother magazine would show up on the very day I needed validation for my lifestyle and choices as a mother.

     I was able to talk to Catherine on the phone while in pre-labor with my fourth child in 1996.  It was so reassuring to hear her voice, I cannot remember why I  called her, but she immediately called me back and we had a nice chat while I contracted in the tub.  I will never forget her hard work nor will I let her memory fade as I continue on educating parents in natural things.  Catherine goes to join the other great natural birth and breastfeeding advocates who have passed into the next life and I am  certain her legacy and her spirit will only grow as time passes.
 Jenny Marie Hatch Boulder Colorado 
Jenny Hatch

On the premature death of Catherine: How very sad and terribly scary.  I will boycott nestle.  The lives of too many families are affected by their madness in continuing to promote infant formula.  

Kathy Moss

Thank you so much Catherine for what you have done to make people know that breastfeeding is the best for kids and society.

My heartfelt sympathies to all those who knew Catherine, personally or thru The Compleat Mother , and where helped by her.

Linda Crawford
Edmonton, Canada

 I only "spoke" with Catherine briefly through email as i came to find the Compleat Mother magazine recently. In that short time she gave me her attention and support without ever mentioning her own needs - she offered a reaching hand into a world that i was looking for and made me feel welcome.
My thoughts are with her family, may her life be celebrated.
Nicole Duffy

I am truly saddened to hear that Catherine Young has passed away.  Her COMPLEAT MOTHER magazine was SO inspirational to me and to many other women.  After devouring its many pages, I felt encouraged to pursue my dream of having a home birth (which by the way, was amazing.).  The stories and information were always so interesting and constantly reminded us that there were others "out there" who shared many of the same ideas about birthing, mothering, and breastfeeding.
I always looked forward to my next copy, and made sure to pass along those precious and well-thumbed copies to close friends.  Although I didn't personally know Catherine Young, I did receive much benefit and support from her great work.  Through the website, I was able to learn of her struggles and  I greatly admired her strength and determination in the most difficult times of late.  The world has lost someone very important, but Heaven has gained!
Liz Fry
Unionville, Ontario

To all those who knew and loved her,

I can't say that I knew her well, but after only a few years as a subscriber, I ran into her at a Baby Fair here in Guelph.  I introduced myself and when I said my name she said that she knew who I was..I was surprised at first and then later on realized that that was the kind of person she was; not in it for the money or the glory but a rare breed. The kind of person who I felt I knew though we only spoke face to face one other time.  

I wish that I had known her better but I did receive so much from her magazine.  So many times when I was in doubt or down in the dumps, that would be the day that my copy of the Compleat Mother would arrive. More often than not, I would sit down and if I could, read it cover to cover in one sitting, feeling soothed and mothered by the positive energy and loving vibes.. Even after my daughters were grown and I had let my
subscription lapse, I would devour a copy if I came across one anywhere.

 Two years ago I had my third child and as soon as I could I renewed my membership and ordered a whack of tea.  Recently I ordered some more tea for myself and my now menstruating daughters and noticed that my subscription had lapsed again.

I will be sending in my renewal this week along with my prayers for Catherine's family and closest loved ones. This world has lost so many souls this week and people are mourning all over the globe. Adding to our loss is this sad news. I am devastated but know that of all people Catherine- -our Very Compleat Mother will be dancing with Angels.

Blessed be to all.

Much love,

Julia Ward

I feel as though I have lost a dear friend.  Catherine's life made an extraordinary contribution to mothers and children.  Our thoughts are with her family and friends.  If there is anything at all I can do to help, please do not hesitate to email me. 

God bless,
Stephanie Lemmer and Hugo, nursing almost three year old (thank you Catherine)

Dear Sisters-

     I thank God for Catherine and the compleat
mother. Thanks to the magazine and "Breastfeeding
Anyway" my 2 1/2 year old daughter is a happy,
healthy, nursling. Catherine's family is in my

Jenna Carodiskey- Wiebe
Federal Way, WA USA

I just wanted to say thanks for this magazine, I live in an area of the U.S. where people just bottle feed mostly. I always realized breastfeeding was better and so made up my mind to do just that. I discovered this magazine a online while I was pregnant for the second time. I have enjoyed it immensely and it gave me just the encouragement I needed to keep on, and the information to make sure I never use formula. It has been so much easier this time around and I feel like I have so much more support now.
My husband because of the information I have given him , is a supporter of breastfeeding and we tell everyone to do so. I am spreading magazines around to all my friends.
 I just wanted to say how much this magazine means and that I am so sorry about Catherine, she has spread a good and important message, and she will be missed.

- Hollie Lee

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